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VIUHO cases

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    Kate feels dizziness and severe vomiting, William is worried. Before leaving Pyay they realize they need medical assistance but health facilities are in poor conditions.

  • 2

    They have travel insurance but they are not sure who to contact and they don’t have mobile coverage.

  • 3

    William points its Viuho GEO device to the sky and opens the Viuho CONNECT app to have satellite coverage. He sends an alert to Viuho SERVICE.

  • 4

    Viuho SERVICE contacts Kate and William’s insurance company providing their policy number, their precise location, Kate’s health data stored in her Viuho account and informs about Kate symptoms.

  • 5

    Viuho SERVICE informs William that the assistance is activated. Viuho SERVICE is in contact with William to supervise the assistance and help to speed up the process.

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