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VIUHO cases

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    In his way back after a good day an engine failure left the boat adrift. Peter checks everything and he realizes that is not going to be able to fix the problem alone.

  • 2

    He does not have mobile coverage.

  • 3

    Then he activates a SOS alert. He unscrews the security cap of his viuhoGEO and press the button. The device indicates that the SOS is being sent through satellite.

  • 4

    Meanwhile, to follow the state of the alert, opens the viuhoCONNECT app on his smartphone.

  • 5

    ViuhoSERVICE conctact Peter through ViuhoCONNECT chat to gather more information about his problem.

  • 6

    ViuhoSERVICE alerts the nearest rescue team providing the vital information about Peter his problem and the location of the boat.

    ViuhoSERVICE notify Peter that the rescue teams are on its way and that his track is being monitorized.


  • 7

    The rescue team find Peter and tow the boat to the port.

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