How to contract your service plan?



Install viuhoCONNECT app for free on your mobile device.



From viuhoCONNECT App, choose the service duration that suits better in your needs.

  • ANNUAL12 months

    49 € / month VAT included

  • BIANNUAL6 months

    69 € / month VAT included

  • QUARTERLY3 months

    89 € / month VAT included

  • MONTHLY1 month

    99 € VAT included



All viuho services.

    • Emergency management

    • In case of emergency, press the SOS button and viuho will take care of everything.

    • Rescue and medical assistance

    • Rescue and medical assistance service worldwide.

    • Medical assistance 24/7

    • In case of emergency, you will be able to contact a doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    • Communication via text messages

    • You can send and receive 60 text messages per month through your own smartphone.

    • Location track

    • Your position is communicated automatically every 30 minutes.

Details about the subscription

· viuhoGEO device requires the activation of a service plan to access the Inmarsat satellite network and rescue and medical assistance coverage.

· Text messages can contain a maximum of 140 characters. After exceeding 60 messages, an additional charge of € 0.45 per message is applied. The weather forecast counts as 1 text message.

· Plans are billed monthly. No additional activation fees.
Plans have a minimum permanence determined by the monthly amount.
The selected plan is automatically renewed unless the user notify through viuho app.

· Prices include the applicable VAT.


viuho service plan:
49 (VAT included)

viuhoGEO device
695,75 (VAT included)