This app enables you to communicate via satellite whenever and wherever you want. Download viuhoCONNECT and make the most of the connectivity that viuho gives you. Invite your friends and relatives to download the viuhoCONNECT app. They will then be in communication.

Invite your family and friends to download viuhoCONNECT app for free, and stay connected.


The two-way communication enables you to receive and send messages to whoever and whenever you want on your own smartphone.

Link your smartphone to your viuhoGEO device and get coverage for the viuhoCONNECT app. As easy as that, your smartphone becomes a smart communicator even when you have no coverage.

Chat with your contacts and
share your exact location.


With viuhoCONNECT, you can set up as many groups of trust as you want, depending on the type of emergency or the profile of the contacts or on the alert. They will then be in communication and, if any problem comes up, they can work together in case of an emergency.


The viuho app is the best solution to keep in touch with people that matter whenever you want, wherever you are. With the viuhoCONNECT app, you can receive and send messages from anywhere in the world.


viuho service plan:
49 (VAT included)

viuhoGEO device
695,75 (VAT included)